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4. Agree to the Terms of Use

End of operation

TSUBAME3 is not in operation any more. You can find TSUBAME4 manuals here

To use TSUBAME 3.0, you may need to agree to the terms. The terms of use have an application start date, and if you do not agree with the terms even after the application start date, some of the portal functions related to paid services will be deactivated.

4.1. List of Terms of Use

If you have unsolicited terms and conditions, a list of terms and conditions will be displayed immediately after logging into the system. You can check the contents of the terms of use by selecting the link for the terms of use.

By selecting each term from the list, you can see the details.

After confirming the terms and conditions, select the "Agree" button or the "Ignore" button.


If the contract application start date is reached without consenting to the terms of service, TSUBAME group points cannot be purchased, group disk capacity can be changed, and node reservation operations will be disabled. If you log in to the TSUBAME 3.0 portal and agree to the terms and conditions that you have not agreed to, the restriction will be eliminated.