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7. Management of payment codes


This function is provided only for Tokyo Tech users.

A payment code is required to purchase TSUBAME points required for using paid services.


Payment codes are only required for the Group manager (Main). Payment codes applied by anyone other than the Group manager (Main) cannot be used. Students cannot manage payment codes other than the budgets for which they are responsible.

7.1. Payment code availability period

There is a billing deadline that depends on the budget category. We restrict new purchases of TSUBAME points close to the deadline to ensure the billing process (e.g., totaling) is completed in time.

If your budget category is other than Institutional Operating Expense Funds(法人運営費) or Donations for Education and Research(奨学寄附金), the payment code can only be used within a new billable period that satisfies the following criteria:

  • Is within a research period
  • Is before the date described below:
    • If the last billable date is set and is the last day of the month, the last day of the previous month prior to the last billable date.
    • If the last billable date is set and is not the last day of the month, the last day of the month two months before the last billable date.
    • If the last billable date is not set, the same date above calculated using the end of the research period instead.
  • Is before December 31st of every fiscal year


Regarding Institutional Operating Expense Funds and Donations for Education and Research, purchases of TSUBAME Points from January to March will be paid from the same budget for the following year.

7.2. Payment code expiration date

All payment codes will become invalid at the end of the fiscal year.

From mid-March, we will begin accepting applications for payment codes for the following fiscal year. Payment codes applied for in advance will be held until the start date of the next fiscal year, following approval by GSIC and the budget supervisor (required if the budget manager is different). The code will become available from the start date of the new fiscal year and can then be assigned to groups, used to purchase points, etc.

When applications for payment codes for the next fiscal year become available, a checkbox for the next fiscal year will appear at the year of use on the "New payment code application" screen. If you want to apply for a payment code for the following fiscal year in advance, click the checkbox.

7.3. New payment code application


Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(科研費) has four different budget codes for each category, and TSUBAME's computer usage fee is classified as "Others(その他)". (Correnponding to "Facility and equipment usage fee in the research organization(研究機関内の施設・設備使用料)" in the Table of expense categories shared by ministries and agencies(府省共通経費取扱区分表))
Please note that applications for payment codes for expenses other than "Others(その他)" will be rejected as an incorrect expense category.

The process for payment code application is as follows.

You can use the "Payment code control" screen by choosing "Manage payment code" from the side menu.

Click the "New payment code request" to show the "Request for payment code" screen.

The following items are to be completed:

Item Description
Budget classification Please select the category of the budget to be applied for.(reference:学内予算の種類について Limited to Tokyo Tech)
Budget code
Budget name
Please follow the steps below to obtain the budget code and budget name for your payment code application
・Log in to "新物品等請求システム"
・Select "予算管理"
・Select "予算執行状況確認"
・Select "CSV作成"
・Transcribe "予算コード"(Budget Code) (32 digits) and "予算名称"(Budget Name) in the output CSV file.
Please use the above method to obtain the budget code because the number of digits in the budget code is large and the beginning and end of the code may be cut off when copying and pasting the display on the system.
Comment Enter any comments you need to manage your payment code.
Research period Depending on the budget category, you may be required to enter a research period. If the research period start date is earlier than the current fiscal year, enter April 1 of the current fiscal year as the start date. The start date of the research period cannot be earlier than the first day (April 1) of the corresponding fiscal year.
Last date of available billing processing You can specify the date by when the billing should be complete. This field is used to calculate the Payment code availability period, and the end of the research period is used if this field is left blank.
Person responsible for budget Please enter the budget manager's TSUBAME login name.
Other contact This will be used following unsuccessful attempts to contact the payment code manager.

Please be careful not to make mistakes in the part transcribed from the Purchase Request System. Applications that cannot be confirmed as containing correct information will be rejected. Enter the required items and click "Request."

After the application, the person in charge of GSIC will confirm the application contents and decide whether to approve or reject it. After this approval, if the budget manager and the payment code applicant are not the same person, a payment code confirmation request email will be sent to the budget manager. Once approval by the budget manager is complete, the payment code will be available. If the budget manager and the applicant are the same, the payment code can be used following approval by the person in charge of GSIC.


If it is taking time for your payment code to be authorized, check with your budget manager.

7.3.1. Approval by the budget manager (Confirmation)

If the applicant for a payment code does not match the budget holder, an email will be sent to the budget holder requesting approval of the payment code application after GSIC has processed the applic\ ation.

The requested payment code cannot be used until the payment code application is approved in one of the following ways

  • When you use the link in the email

    1. log in to TSUBAME portal, and go to the URL in the email.
      • If the login screen of TSUBAME portal is displayed, please log in and then move to the URL on the email again.
      • If the URL is displayed as invalid, please check if the URL is not split in the mailer. If you still can't use it, please use the following method to approve directly from TSUBAME portal Check the information on the screen, and select approve or reject.
  • If you want to approve directly from TSUBAME Portal

    1. Login to TSUBAME portal
    2. Click "Budget code usage request for approval" in the "Charging Management" group on the left side menu.
    3. Check the contents on the screen, and select "Approve" or "Reject".

7.4. Set payment code to group

You can set the payment code to a group on the "TSUBAME group details" page. You can reach the screen by selecting "Manage your group" in the menu bar on the left, followed by "Detailed display" for the target group on the "Groups list page."

Click "Payment Code Setting" in "TSUBAME group details" to show the "Payment code setting" page, where you can see the list of applicable payment codes.

Click the checkbox of the payment code to be used by the group followed by "Assign to payment code."

If you want to cancel the assignment, select the payment code you wish to cancel and click "Cancel assigned payment code."


Payment codes applied for the next fiscal year update can be assigned to groups from April 1 of the new fiscal year.