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Revision history

Date Changes
2024/02/02 Update details for cancellation in "9.2 Cencel reservation"
2023/05/25 Update an example invitation mail in "6.3.2. Join the group"
2022/04/14 Update "13.8. noVNC Login screen"
2022/04/05 Add "13.8. noVNC Login screen"
2021/06/21 Add explanation for budget category in Grant-in-aid to "7.3. New payment code application"
2021/06/07 Add "7.3.1. Approval by the budget manager (Confirmation)"
2021/04/06 Updated "13. Web application function" to include code-server
2021/03/04 Add "9.4. use of reserved nodes"
2020/04/24 Add "13. Web application function"
2020/04/22 Add t3-user-info compute ars in "9.3. Check reservations"
2020/03/24 miscellaneous English corrections
2019/09/17 Changed documenting system
Refined contents structure
2019/04/23 Corrected the card type of Application for change of group manager
2019/04/01 Updated the description of TSUBAME usage report submission function.
Add main usage field setting operation explanation
2019/01/17 Modify title
Add explanation about cancellation of reservation in node reservation function
2018/11/07 Add about group naming rules
2018/05/10 Add explanation about group administrator (main) change
2018/05/07 Submission of TSUBAME usage report added
2018/03/22 Update screenshot, correct mistakes / omissions
2018/03/19 Update screenshot, correct mistakes / omissions
Add explanation about payment code, TSUBAME point, and group disc at the end of the fiscal year
Add explanation about how to confirm point purchase history
2018/01/23 Image update of job search result
Added node reservation function
Image update of usage details confirmation screen
Image update on the usage confirmation screen
TSUBAME Group Detail Screen Utility Option Image Update
2017/12/08 Add explanation about point purchase period
2017/09/13 Screenshot update, mistake / omission correction etc.
Add explanation about group
2017/09/11 Screenshot update, mistake / omission correction etc.
Add explanation about budget code and payment code
2017/08/26 Screenshot update, mistake / omission correction etc.
2017/07/31 Initial version