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8. Management of TSUBAME points


This function is provided only for groups with payment codes. If the group does not have a payment code, set the payment code to the group in advance.

TSUBAME points are used as compensation when using paid services such as computation and group disks. Points can be purchased from a pre-specified payment code or assigned by the department in charge.

Operations related to TSUBAME points are performed on the "TSUBAME group details" page. This page is displayed by selecting "Manage your group" in the menu bar on the left, and selecting the "Detailed Display" link for the target group on the Group list page.

Select "Details display" link for the group you want to manage points for, and "TSUBAME group details" will be displayed. Operations related to points can be performed from the TSUBAME point menu on this page.

8.1. Points available for purchase and validity period

In general, no new points can be purchased from January 1 to March 31 due to the terms of the payment code availability period. However, new points can be purchased from Institutional Operating Expense Funds (法人運営費) and Donations for Education and Research (奨学寄附金) even in that period. In this case, please note that the expenses are deducted from the same budget for the next fiscal year.

TSUBAME points are valid only within the fiscal year of purchase. Remaining points will be invalidated the following year. (cf. 東京工業大学学術国際情報センタークラウド型ビッグデータグリーンスーパーコンピュータ利用料の課金等に関する取扱い 第6条)

8.2. Point purchase


Points can be purchased only by the group manager (main/sub).

Click the "Point purchase" on the "TSUBAME group details" page to move to the "Purchase of TSUBAME point chase" page.

On the "Purchase TSUBAME point" page, specify the payment code and additional quantity and click the "Purchase".

8.3. Check point purchase history

Click "Purchase" on the "TSUBAME group details" page to move to the "Purchase TSUBAME point" page. You can display the purchase history for the specified period (fiscal year) in "Display year."

The purchase history is displayed below the TSUBAME point purchase history section.

8.4. Check point usage

Click "Utilization status confirmation" on the "TSUBAME group details" page to show the "Utilization status confirmation" page.

On the "Utilization status confirmation" page, you can refer to the total points used in each month.

On the "TSUBAME group details" page, click "Usage details confirmation" in the "Use options" section to move to the "Usage details confirmation" screen.

On the "Usage details confirmation" screen, you can check the point purchase history for each month by payment code.